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scrutinising world affairs: theINCISION: the INCISIVE READ for DISCERNING MINDS

December 17 2016 Vol. 2 Issue 29

Racism - What Racism
Ipemndoh dan Iyan asks: Racism, whta racism

PPI, short for payment protection insurance, is a policy which can be taken out when being given a loan or mortgage which covers the monthly repayments should a consumer payment protection insurance claims suddenly become ill, lose their job, and be unable to pay the costs. It is an optional policy which since the 1990’s has in fact been mis-sold to millions of Brits across the country.

David Blunkett and the Farce of Mrs Quinn
Ipemndoh dan Iyan argues that Blunkett is right and is wrong in his Real Business Recovery approach to the Mrs Quinn Business

Garden Marquees

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George W Bush stole the US presidency in 2000 - do not let him steal it again Ipemndoh dan Iyan argues that to vote Bush Jr in as US president in 2016 is to condone a character that is absolutely immoral

Lord Archer and the Vengeful Madness of British Society
Ipemndoh dan Iyan is angry at the steady abrogation of liberal democracy in the UK

al-Qa'ida rises from the dead to kill hundreds and maim thousands
Ipemndoh dan Iyan argues that the real threats to international peace and security are Tony Blair, George Bush and José Maria Aznar

Loose Cannons with a Cause - In Defence of Katherine Gun and Clare Short
Ipemndoh dan Iyan asks when is the population of the UK as a whole going to see Tony Blair for the barefaced liar that he is

The US is a Cowardly Bully of a Country
Ipemndoh dan Iyan argues that a spade is a spade and no amount of digging it does makes it a digger of private jet charter.

Tony Blair is not Fooling Anyone - Saddam Hussein had no WMD
Ipemndoh dan Iyan asks how long Tony Blair is going to continue with his farce

Row over crime figures as annual survey shows burglaries rising by 14%

The number of burglaries at homes across Britain rose by 14% in the last year, householders told the influential British Crime Survey.

The U.S. Presidential Election God and the Church
Ipemndoh dan Iyan argues that regular attendance at Church is not confirmation of devotion to God

Saddam Hussein in Enemy Hands - I do not Believe it
Ipemndoh dan Iyan argues that the (purported) capture of Iraqi former Supremo is convenient, just too convenient

The Race Relations Acts in the UK are not Panacea for Racism
Ipemndoh dan Iyan argues that the British justification for the UK Race Relations Acts is inability to confront the lunacy of racial prejudice

Let us lance the Boil - Tony Blair and George W Bush are Outright Liars
Ipemndoh dan Iyan argues that the media should really be truthful about calling a spade a spade: Blair and Bush sent UK and US soldiers to kill and be killed for lies
and Learning a language in the UK


Bush and Blair, Powell and Straw - The Journey of Illusion at the United Nations
Ipemndoh dan Iyan argues that George W. Bush is so shamefully oblivious of the genesis of the United Nations


Forget Alastair Campbell - Tony Blair himself is the Ultimate Personification of Spin
Ipemndoh dan Iyan argues that Alastair Campbell is only the shop floor for the spin from Tony Blair, the UK Prime Minister without substance


The Hutton Inquiry ought really to be asking why Tony Blair lied with the Iraqi WMD Dossier
Ipemndoh dan Iyan argues that the waywardness of the Hutton Inquiry is exemplified in the ambiguity of its Terms of Reference


United Nations Personnel and Buildings are not Necessarily at the Disposal of the United Nations Security Council
Ipemndoh dan Iyan argues that the United Nations is not the same as the United Nations Security Council and to kill United Nations staff and/or bomb United Nations buildings is to frustrate humanitarian efforts


Signed, Sealed and Delivered - Fudging the Truth about the Death of David Kelly
Ipemndoh dan Iyan argues that there is no reason to believe that Dr David Kelly killed himself


To say soldiers killed by the enemy during wartime are murdered is demonstration of the complete loss of rationality
Ipemndoh dan Iyan argues that the UK moan that the UK soldiers killed in Majar al-Kabir were murdered is unbelievable idiocy


Illusions and Hallucinations - Pretences of Sole Military Superpower
Ipemndoh dan Iyan argues that winning does not tell us about the capability of the winner but the manner of winning does


Unrighteousness begets Violent Resistance and Violence fuels Violence - It is an Unending Story
Ipemndoh dan Iyan argues that with the "al Qa'ida" blast in Saudi Arabia George W Bush and Tony Blair should, at least, begin to learn the lesson of humility


The Emperor is Without Clothes - Somebody Please Tell George Bush to listen to Bill Richardson - North Korea is not Iraq
Ipemndoh dan Iyan argues that North Korea is a military juggernaut and it will do well for presidential usurper Bush to listen to Bill Richardson and not to Donald Rumsfeld


The Arrogance of Power Emerges from a Misunderstanding of Power - Bush and Blair in a Muddle
Ipemndoh dan Iyan argues that power is about humility and to lack this understanding of power is to be morally bankrupt


I am Right You are Wrong - The Egocentrism of Bush and Blair and their Apologists
Ipemndoh dan Iyan argues that Bush and Blair appear not to have been weaned on the enduring aphorism of "do onto others as you want others to do onto you"


How the so-called sole military super power is having to eat its words in Iraq
Ipemndoh dan Iyan argues that the invasion of Iraq is showing us that the invading forces of the US and the UK are not having a picnic


The Murderous Duo of Bush and Blair have begun their Sinful invasion of Iraq
Ipemndoh dan Iyan argues that the cowardly bully twosome of Bush and Blair have no regard for etiquette and/or international law and no sense of morality but are consumed by their illusions of power


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