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George Bush and Tony Blair are the two faces of the coin of fundamentalist Judeo-Christianity
Ipemndoh dan argues that Bush and Blair are religious fundamentalists the same as members of al Qaida if at all al Qaida exists

Bush - The One-Track Minded Nobody Pretending to be Somebody
Ipemndoh dan Iyan argues that George W Bush is at loose ends with the domestic predicament of the United States

Goliath's Arrogance - Probably the Beginning of the End for the United States of America
Ipemndoh dan Iyan agrees with Chinese observation in the 1950s that the U.S. is a paper tiger

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  • German Lessons
  • The Miss World Pageant in Nigeria - Another fine demonstration of Colonial Residue
    Ipemndoh dan Iyan argues that the problem with Nigeria is not really religion and most certainly not politics but actually ethnicism
  • Big Hitler - Little Hitler
    Ipemndoh dan Iyan argues that when Hitler is a friend we do not see him as Hitler
  • The Cowardly Power Drunks - Tony Blair and George Bush parade of idiocy
    Ipemndoh dan Iyan argues that going after “targets of convenience” makes Blair and Bush feel good because it is the way of cowards


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